A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This game will be a horror/fantasy based game. When going further into this dream they come across some unusual objects and sights.

In this wonderful world of happiness and joy where dreams come true. There lies a hidden secret that will unfold during your time in Lightensoul. Going deeper into this world may cost you your life so be careful. Walking around the player will come across a entrance to a cave. However it is shut tight. On top of the cave written ' those who wish to seek the truth must find the four hidden within'

They have to figure out the truth of what's really going on by uncovering the lost secrets hidden in the environment. When collected all the items and seen all the clues then they will have figure out the code to get into the entrance and see what is hidden inside the darkest depths of the cave. This truth behind this world is that it fallen to corruption due to everyone not believing in the magic this world this made it become toxic . This section of the world was taken transported to our world, it is known as Lightensoul.


Use the keypad to move around the world, use the space bar to jump and the mouse to look around.


Lightensoul.zip 43 MB

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