The narrative for this game is in the body that the blood cells lived in was in peace and harmony, which then gets ruined by the Germ king and his fleet of germs take over the body. The blood cells try and fight back, however it wasn't the same as last time as the germs had evolved and surpassed them greatly. The army of germs got rid of most of the blood cells, this was done so they could claim their territory and wipe the blood cells out of existence for good. Only two blood cells creatures are left, one red and one white. They managed to escape and now in hiding. Until three months later after intense training, the red blood cell couldn't stand to runway anymore and believed they could fight back. This is when they come out of hiding and start to work there way to saving the body by battling as the main protagonists of this story and take back the body.


In the over world use the arrow keys to move the characters to the enemies. Once overlapping the enemy, it will take you to a combat scene where the you use the mouse to press on the attack button to destroy the enemy and move on to the next until you complete the level.

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